Create a music video

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For this assignment you are to recreate a 2 minute segment from your favorite music video. Be creative and try to imitate it as much as possible similar clothes, makeup, scenery, etc

Step One:

Set up webcam on computer so that it can capture your video

Step Two:

Start playing the song or acting out the part of the video that you wish

Step Three:

Upload video into Windows Live Movie Maker

Step Four:

Crop to cut out sound and or any scenes that you do not want to be in the video

Step Five: (optional)

If your music is not loud enough when you do your recording you can add music to the video and adjust the sound so that it mutes the actual recording that you were doing and allows for just the song to play

Step Six:

Save your video and upload it to Youtube or someothe site that will allow you to embed it to your blog once your done.

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