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My final project is about my son being a superhero and no one knows it.  This was a fun way that I was able to depict my son in a story I used the assignment repository to chose a few different genres of what we learned in class.  This was interesting and I like the fact that we got to pick what we wanted to do.  I had fun and while I was doing this I was thinking of some things I would have liked to do as a part of this assignment but it was not showing among the items i could choose from.  This assignment was a great way to refresh some of the skills that i learned earlier in the semester and do some assignments that I did not get a chance to do.

Visual/Design- Say it like the peanut butter- I used this to create a gif image of my son going from ninja protector to a regular kid.  It shows how sometimes a cute face and a smile can fool you.

Web- What They Might Have Done In Social Media Like anything mysterious or popular there is going to be a Facebook page dedicated to that person or thing so I created a Facebook page where people are trying to figureout the identity of the mysterious ninja who protects them in the night

Audio- 911 What’s your emergency Like spiderman, Batman, and anyother superhero there are events that would trigger people calling 911 to report sightings 911 Call About Ninja Baby






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