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Final Project: The Man. The Myth. The Paul.

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Have you ever experienced a person, an ENTITY, a being that was so out of this world?? For instance, a legend.. Someone, or something, that many people could speak of but never truly understand? How about the man, the myth? I’m sure you know of him. He has even pervaded the DS106 culture… now, he must be unleashed, unveiled, to inspire, to amaze, to, well… do all of the above…

The Man

The Myth.

Final project: "The Paul"

Now would you look at that smile. It seems he could brighten up any room, push away the rainy clouds, and leave just clear, blue sky.
However, even the Man, the Myth, the Paul has his flaws. For example, he has a tendency to go overtime on his work, and forget about deadlines. He has been meaning to work on this shortcoming, but justifies the ends with the means; the means of exalted work! maybe…. anybody?

Now, if you were to ask The Man, The Myth (yes that’s required when mentioning him) what exactly motivates him, you might hear any number of things… However, the single most important thing that The Man, The Myth would say, is that inspiring other people to do great work is what motivates him down to the core. He loves to see people inspired by his efforts and greatness. So, below is a fitting motivational poster, where The Man, The Myth, is motivation enough for anybody. All you need to do is take him in, and experience the newly-arrived motivation, success, and much, much more.


I know The Man, The Myth may seem like a very mythical creature, where extensive fables don’t even do him justice. In reality, however, he is quite a humble, and generous gentleman (no this is not a joke). Every morning when he wakes up, he sends a good morning text message to every single person in his contact list. Now if that doesn’t describe the likes of a selfless individual, I don’t know what does.

I want to take a moment here to really unveil The Man, The Myth. It is important that you gain a fuller knowledge of what goes on in the exalted life of The Man, The Myth. When he is not engaging is selfless activities such as creating extensive tutorials for friends, he can be seen in the Cave of his residence working tirelessly on Remixed Assignments and Audio mixes, one of which is found below…

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

He is also known to spend considerable time immersed in the psychological literature, mastering the sub-fields of Personality, Cognitive-Behavioristic, Humanistic and countless other offspring from the original field.
Here he can be seen deeply engaged in study, a steller intellectual indeed..
Steller Intellectual

Before the day is all said and done, The Man, The Myth, The Paul would not feel complete and satisfied, without having given advice to future scholars and DS106-ers. Here are some key things that he wants you to think about:

1) Blog Early. Blog Often.
2) Stretch your limits to the max. He does this before breakfast is over.
3) Don’t leave your assignments until the last minute. However, the Man, the Myth, the Paul is guilty of this every ONCE in a while…
4) Remember to eat your wheaties.
And Lastly..
5) Even the Man, the Myth, the Paul gets inspired by others. In the words of Shaun T., “DIG DEEPER!”

In all seriousness, thanks to the wonderful professor Alan Levine, whose support and feedback throughout the semester have been very helpful. If it wasn’t for his watchful eye, and persistent check-ups, I don’t know if this would be possible. I’d like to say that I enjoyed this class, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to take it over. I’d also like to thank Jim Groom for his constant support, along with Martha Burtis. You guys are great!
Until next time: The Man, The Myth, The Paul, is officially signing out.

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