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The Long Way Home: The Final Summary for DS106

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It’s been one heck of a ride.  I’m going to really miss this class.  Despite doing a ton of last minute work, the work I’ve done for this class has been by far my most enjoyable of my college career.  With that being said, there’s no time to get misty eyed.  I have to share with you one of my favorite things I’ve done for DS106.

The Origins of Canada Man

Canada man originally started off as an idea I had during my 5 second film in which he conformed to the traditional Canadian stereotype of saying “Sorry” all the time.

He came up as a spontaneous idea, and has since evolved into my favorite storyline.

The Poster

I’m totally pitching this idea to Marvel and Disney in order to get Canada man into the second Avengers film.  Here’s how he would fit in:

Canada Man and the Avengers

Canada Man and the Avengers

Fits right in, don’t he?  I put him over Black Widow because she wasn’t all that important to the Avengers anyways.  Hell, even Hawkeye was more interesting than her.  This was made for the “Creep on a Movie Scene“ assignment.  I used gimp and used the scissor tool to cut out a picture of myself in an action pose.  Then I pasted myself into the poster.  Real simple.  This will be our jumping off point for Canada Man.  From here: he gets to star in his own feature length film!

The Trailer

For the “Trailer It“ assignment that I also sort of modified.  I tried to use cool camera angles and make it entertaining for the viewer.  It should give you an idea about our hero.

(Favorite thing I’ve done, EVER).  This parodies so many things about movie trailers that I notice now adays.  There’s the cheesy music, shakey camera that shakes so much you can’t see what’s happening, and so much more.  Made in windows movie maker by creating titles over images and importing music and video, yada yada.  Same thing I’ve done in other video assignments.

Canada Man is in trouble.  He can’t keep fighting crime forever, he’s getting old! But just when he thinks he’s out, they pull him back in.

Captain America vs. Canada Man

Canada Man is not without enemies.  First Panda Man, who represents the great red menace in China (not seriously), and now Captain America, who represents the (normally) friendly neighbor to the south.  Canada Man has enlisted the help of some henchman to take down Captain America.  For the assignment “Crossover Battle Royal“.

As you can see, it doesn’t work out well for him.  Turns out, Captain America is an actual superhero who was injected with super serum.  Canada Man on the other hand… well… he’s just a guy in a flag-cape.  Kind of overmatched.

The Giffing of Canada Man

I had a devil of a time wrestling with MPEG stream clip.  It took a long time to get it to export my video as images.  Whatever. This clip summarizes my movie perfectly, I feel.

It's as bad as it seems!

It’s as bad as it seems!

Summaries of Tutorials and Best Works

Here are the links to both of my pages.

  • Tutorial Pages

Final Thoughts on DS106

I’ll miss you guys.  I really will.  This class has been by far the most enjoyable class I have ever taken.  I might actually try and do a few of these next semester with the incoming ds106 class (but don’t hold me to it; busy schedule next semester and all).  Best of luck in the coming years!




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