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Hello World!!!

My name is Kelsie and I am a SENIOR at UMW :) I chose ‘Miss Runner Bug’ as my blog name because I am addicted love to run! Also, my boyfriend calls me a ‘bug’ after everything. If I am studying, I’m a study bug. If I am mean, I’m a mean bug…and so on. You can learn more about me here.

I designed this blog for DS 106 {Digital Storytelling — I know, very cool}. I am eager to learn about different ways to be creative via social media sites and blogging. You will see my first weekly summary shorty!! :) To tide you over, here is my FIRST ever project {Daily Create} for DS 106! Drum roll please……..

That was week one’s daily create video. I enjoyed making it and being creative! It was a little creepy strange to record a video of myself, but I got over that once the creativity started flowing ;) The prompt was to find a object that you over look every day and make up a story about how that played a role in your childhood. I know my blog is boring and not attractive, that will change soon , stay tuned! :)

Adios amigos!

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