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  1. klasalata

    Final Story Summary

    WHOAH! I can’t believe my final story is up and running {like I will be right after I post this :)}. I worked so hard on this project all week. I wanted to post all of the stories’ components at once,...
  2. klasalata

    Better Than Revenge

    For the fourth piece of the story, I chose to do the Say it Like Peanut Butter {***} visual assignment. For this assignment, you had to take a clip from a movie or show and turn it into an animated GIF....
  3. klasalata

    Introducing Me

    For my first assignment for this final project, I chose to do Storytelling within the Web {*****}. I wanted to introduce my character to people who have not seen the show, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I thought of different ways of...
  4. klasalata

    One Way or Another

    For my third assignment for this final project, I chose to do Storytelling within the Web {*****} again. The reason I chose to do this assignment again was because I wanted to show how Sabrina reacted to Libby’s attempt to blackmail...
  5. klasalata

    Some People Change

    For my last assignment of this final story was the Where Are They Now? {**} video assignment. I wanted to show everyone where the characters of this final story ended up. What changed, who changed, who stayed the same?? You’ll learn...
  6. klasalata

    Here Comes Goodbye

    SAY WHAT!? This is the last blog post for DS 106??! How can this be????? For this class, we had to create assignments for future students to do. I had a lot of fun creating and coming up with my...
  7. klasalata


    These past two weeks, we have worked with remix and mashup. I have learned a lot about what remix is. I have found that explaining something to someone else is the best way to comprehend and show comprehension. I explained...
  8. klasalata

    Locked Up

    I can honestly say that I have put off this last assignment like no other! I don’t know why…maybe because this is my LAST WEEK of classes as an undergrad!!!! That could have been it… The For The Remix assignment had...
  9. klasalata

    Ordinary Girl

    For my other mashup assignment, I chose to do Actor Transformation {****}. You always see actors/actresses on television and movies that you say “wow, they have really grown up”. When I was reading this assignment’s details, one actress came to my mind....
  10. klasalata

    That’s My Work

    For this class, we had to create two tutorials and two assignments. Based on the advice from previous DS students, I created my tutorials throughout the semester. The previous DS students advised us to do the tutorials when you do...
  11. klasalata

    Whistle While You Work

    We had to create two assignments for digital storytelling. I was really excited to do this! I could create an assignment and pick my favorite topic to create one in! Obviously, I picked visual! LOVE visual!!!! My assignment is called...
  12. klasalata

    I Put a Spell On You

    Ok. This post fits into a lot of categories. First of all, I created it. Secondly, I am using it for my final project. And lastly, I had to add the tags for it. Whoah! How cool is that?? The...
  13. klasalata


    For one of my mashup assignments, I wanted to do the What Color is Your World {**}. I always feel like the color yellow is a color that is forever in my life. Also, yellow is proven to make people happier....
  14. klasalata

    I Can Transform Ya

    For remix/mashup week, we had to remix an already existing piece of media from a DS assignment and use a remix card to make it our own. To remix it. In order to do this, you have to click the...
  15. klasalata

    Island of Misfit Toys

    One assignment we had to do this week was the Recycle the Media. This assignment did not count towards our six stars of mashup/remix that we need for these two weeks. A couple of weeks ago, each DSer had to...
  16. klasalata

    The Sweet Escape

    One tool that was suggested to us when remixing and mash-uping was Mozilla Popcorn Maker. In order to experiment with this, Alan created a video for us to remix. He left spaces open where we could add new media. Here...
  17. klasalata

    Call Me Maybe {REMIX}

    To start off the remix and mashup weeks, we had to review two references and three examples of what remix is. This was one of the first things I did for the remix and mashup weeks’ checklist. I did this...
  18. klasalata

    Final Countdown

    We’re already thinking about the final project?? Really? Where has the semester gone? I did a lot of brainstorming of who I wanted to base my final project around. I thought of all of my favorite shows and my favorite...
  19. klasalata


    These two weeks of video have been a-maz-ing. I am obsessed with creating videos!!! This is definitely something that I will do even when I am not in DS106. Although, I don’t even want to think of that right now....
  20. klasalata


    For my last video assignment, I wanted to really challenge myself. I decided to do the Return to the Silent Era {*****} assignment. Since we first heard about our final projects, I wanted to make my last video assignment so it...
  21. klasalata

    The Lion Sleeps Tonight

    Remember when I posted about creating foley sounds for the Charlie Chapman video? Well, one of our assignments for this two weeks of video was to do something with those sound clips. This is the Charlie Chapman Foley Artist assignment, and...
  22. klasalata

    Got a Little Crazy

    I was browsing through the video assignments in the DS assignment bank and came across Watching Movies with the Stereo On {***}. I always feel like certain songs go with certain clips in movies – this assignment was perfect for me! I...
  23. klasalata

    The Funeral

    For my next video assignment, I chose to create a Music Video {****}. For this assignment, I had to pick a couple of scenes from a movie and add a song that complements the scenes. I chose the movie 127 Hours for...
  24. klasalata


    The other assignment that I planned during week 9 was YOLO is the Motto {**}. Oh man. This was fun. First watch my video, then I will explain everything to you. ENJOY :) YOLO. You Only Live Once. This is something we...
  25. klasalata

    Everybody’s Changing

    For the first video assignment, I chose Where Are They Now? {**}. During week 9, I planned this assignment out so all I had to do was create it! I based this assignment from the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Here...
  26. klasalata


    It’s the end of week 10 already?! Where does the time go? This week’s topic was ‘reading movies’. If you think this sounds too fun to be a school assignment, you’re right. It was a lot of fun. I would...
  27. klasalata

    TDC week 10

    Tuesday’s DC - Rewrite a classic movie scene so that it’s plot is related to DS 106. {submitted by yours truly :)} I recreated my scene from this scene in the popular romantic movie The Notebook. Here is what really happened...
  28. klasalata

    Bet On It

    Before we start video week next week, which I am kinda looking forward to, we had to pick some assignments that look interesting to us. When I was on this week’s DS 106 show – Reading Movies, we talked about...
  29. klasalata

    Two is Better Than One

    All films are categorized into different genres. A genre is what type of movie it is. For example, if your friend said “let’s go see The Notebook” you would say “no, that’s a chick flick…I don’t want to” {but who would...

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