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For one of my mashup assignments, I wanted to do the What Color is Your World {**}. I always feel like the color yellow is a color that is forever in my life. Also, yellow is proven to make people happier. I don’t know how it’s proven or where the evidence is. But I can buy that. I mean, I am a happy person. And you’ll be happy too once you watch this video/song mashup of how the color yellow is in my world.

I set Friday {4/19} aside to take pictures of my day and my encounters with the color yellow. Looking back at the pictures, I realized that Friday was not special. Everything that I encountered that was yellow is something that I encounter everyday. So, yellow truly is the color of my world.

I already had the song {link at the bottom of this post} that I wanted to have play in the background so I inserted it right in my Windows Movie Maker. I also inserted the pictures from my iPhone into my movie maker. Then, it was time to get editing! I ordered the pictures from the start of my day to the end of it. I thought that doing this would fully tell my whole day in a story.

Here is my yellow world:

I used effects like zoom in, zoom out, pan left, pan right, and tilt to intensify each picture. Each of the pictures special effects was purposefully chosen. For example, the Splenda picture tilts so you can better read the label on the sugar packet :)

So, are you happier now??

Blog post song title: Yellow – Coldplay

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