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Two is Better Than One

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All films are categorized into different genres. A genre is what type of movie it is. For example, if your friend said “let’s go see The Notebook” you would say “no, that’s a chick flick…I don’t want to” {but who would say that about The Notebook?? :)} A ‘chick flick’ is the category that the movie is put in. In real terms, it is known as a ‘romantic film’.

In this Google Doc, previous DS 106ers listed genres from YouTube and put a video URL of an example that fits that genre. These genres are not your normal “oh let’s rent a movie from this genre on Netflix“. These genres listed on this Google Doc are more related to what is on YouTube. And what DS students thought would be a “YouTube genre”. I think these genres are pretty on-point. I feel like you can find a video on YouTube and it could fit into one of those categories. When I read the genre titles, I giggled because I knew what videos would be prime examples of each.

One thing we had to do was add to the Google Doc. We had to add one video to an already exisiting genre or create our own genre and add one video to it. I added two. Two is better than one.

I posted the video below to the genre “Unintentional Hilarity”

I think this fits well into the genre “Unintentional Hilarity” because the news lady was not expecting the little boy to say something so off topic to her question. He is so serious about his love for turtles, he wasn’t trying to be funny. But it turned out hilarious because it had nothing to do with the news lady’s question.

I posted the video below to the genre “Strange and Adorable Children”

I think this video fits well with the “Strange and Adorable Children” because the little boy just came off of the medicine from his dentist visit. He gets really philosophical and is sort of strange. But if he isn’t the cutest boy at the end.

Blog post title: Two is Better Than One – Boys Like Girls (ft. Taylor Swift) {I guess I can’t get away from Taylor Swift!}

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