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Locked Up

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I can honestly say that I have put off this last assignment like no other! I don’t know why…maybe because this is my LAST WEEK of classes as an undergrad!!!! That could have been it…

The For The Remix assignment had DS students use pictures that Jonathan Worth’s website of author Cory Doctorow to promote his books. This was a contest so it would be judged. Not only was this for a grade, it was also judged by the person who took the pictures. Maybe that’s another reason why I put off this assignment to the last thing I did for remix week.

I looked on Cory’s website at some of his books and thought that Pirate Cinema seemed really interesting. We are running into copyright and download errors so I thought it would be interesting if I used the theme of this book in my remixed picture of Cory. In this book, the main character gets banned from the internet for a whole year! I can’t imagine not having the internet for a year. I mean not only would I not have homework {which I could get used to} but I wouldn’t be able to go on social media sites, check email, watch videos, or Netflix! Oh man…it would be like being in prison. And that’s where my inspiration came from.

I used the good ole’ GIMP to open up this picture and started to get remixing! I found a picture of a jail cell on Google and wanted to layer that onto the picture of Cory. I started by using the free select tool to remove the background on the picture of Cory. I got rid of the books and bookshelves and was going to replace it with a transparent jail cell background. I wanted to make it look like Cory was sitting in his chair in a jail cell. This would symbolize his book Pirate Cinema.

This idea did not just come to me. I spent some time thinking and was going to just do it another day but I told myself I wouldn’t put it off anymore. Even if the sun outside was tempting. Ok, I might have taken a break and sat outside. But I was still thinking about this assignment and what I was going to do!!

Locked Up!

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Because of the Creative Commons License, I could take this picture and remix it. I was very happy to see that someone acknowledged the fact that using someone’s work and changing it to make your own work is NOT a copyright violation.

Song blog post title: Locked Up – Akon

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