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That’s My Work

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For this class, we had to create two tutorials and two assignments.

Based on the advice from previous DS students, I created my tutorials throughout the semester. The previous DS students advised us to do the tutorials when you do the assignment. That way, you’re not having to redo an assignment just to make a tutorial out of it. You can find a tutorials section in my blog. Or you can go to each one:

I know this is three tutorials but the first one I did, Flickr and WordPress Sitting in a Tree, was my trial tutorial. I wanted to get a feel about how to create a tutorial. So I just thought I would include it :)

I knew we had to create two assignments since the very start of this class. Because of that, I had a note section in my phone that I put assignment ideas in when they popped into my head.

Always thinking!!!!

The one assignment, Connected Clips, is one that I am going to use in my final project. There were no assignments that already existed in the video assignment bank that I needed so I created my own. Read my blog post about it here. This is the first step to my final project so I’m getting a head start by creating this assignment :) I rated this assignment as two stars. Here is my video:

The other assignment that I created was Putting Disney into Focus. I love doing visual assignments so I just had to create my own! I realized that a lot of people this semester used Disney movies as their inspiration and I wanted my assignment to be liked by many so I chose to have it Disney based. You can read my post about this assignment and see the thought process behind how and why I created it. I rated this assignment as two stars as well. Here is my picture:

We also had to create some daily creates. Here are my daily creates that I have submitted. Some of them have already been daily creates which is fun to see!! :)

Song blog post title: That’s My Work – Snoop Dog

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