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Got a Little Crazy

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I was browsing through the video assignments in the┬áDS assignment bank and came across Watching Movies with the Stereo On┬á{***}. I always feel like certain songs go with certain clips in movies – this assignment was perfect for me! I knew just what I was going to do.

The Hangover. Oh yeah. And for the song……..{drumroll}…….. Got a Little Crazy – Kenny Chesney. So perfect.

This was going to be good.

I started by converting this YouTube clip into an MP4 file with KeepVid. That website is a lifesaver! I uploaded that clip into my Windows Movie Maker. I already had the song on my iTunes, so I was ready to get clipping, trimming, and going! Here is my clip:

I first took out the sound of the original video clip. Then, I trimmed the clip to get exactly what I wanted. I made sure that the song and the clip went together in the best way! The song is so perfect for the clip that I chose. It almost fits too well. I’m surprised this clip wasn’t on the movie, or the second movie….maybe it will be on the third! :) Next, I uploaded the audio file into my Windows Movie Maker and┬áchanged the settings to fade out. So when┬ámy video is close to being┬ádone, the song is fading out. And viola,┬ámy clip was done.

I was laughing so hard at my video once it was all done. It went together so well with the song that it was just comical. I’m going to go watch that movie when I am done writing this blog post. And if you have never seen this movie….well, tsk tsk.

I love experimenting with the different effects that Windows Movie Maker has to offer. It is super easy to navigate this program. And you can upload it straight to YouTube {which is what I have been doing}. I am kind of sad that I am already at 11 stars :( I guess I will have to keep this kind of stroytelling in mind!!!

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