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Better Than Revenge

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For the fourth piece of the story, I chose to do the Say it Like Peanut Butter {***} visual assignment. For this assignment, you had to take a clip from a movie or show and turn it into an animated GIF. This assignment is going to show Sabrina’s revenge on Libby. In the fourth assignment, you saw that Sabrina planned and plotted her revenge but now, you can actually see what happened.

I used MPEG Streamclip to trim the clip and get exactly the section that I wanted to use and GIMP for actually creating the GIF. I remember doing these GIFs wayy back in Boot Camp but I still had to refer back to the handbook page on creating GIFs. I forgot exactly how big and how to export the file as a GIF. I kept on clicking “save as” and you need to click “export” to correctly save the file.

Even though this is the end of the semester, I still had to watch this video because I needed help with embedding my GIF into WordPress. That tutorial video is super helpful and simple.

Here is my final GIF:

Libby is a goat 01


Song blog post title: Better Than Revenge – Taylor Swift

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