Island of Misfit Toys

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One assignment we had to do this week was the Recycle the Media. This assignment did not count towards our six stars of mashup/remix that we need for these two weeks.

A couple of weeks ago, each DSer had to submit three pieces of media that they had but never used for assignments. The task at hand was the take five pieces of the media on this site and mash them up so they tell a story.

When I first got to the site, I was surprised at how many pieces we had that were never used! And they were good…I wonder why these pieces got the boot? It’s like the island of misfit toys. How sad.

I looked through the collection for some pieces of media that atleast looked like they went together. I thought that if they were similar enough, I would be able to turn them into a coherent story.

And I edited them with Windows Movie Maker. It was a very simple process. I downloaded all of the media pictures and an audio file that I wanted to my computer. I imported them in Windows Movie Maker. I added a title page and credits and viola! Here is my finished product:

The story arc goes a little something like this: a young girl attended UMW. She thought she could never graduate but eventually…she did! That night after graduation, she was going out with all of her friends to celebrate. She had a lot of choices to make but for the first time, they weren’t academic choices…they were shoe choices.

This assignment was fun to do. I’m still shocked at the number of “misfit” media pieces on the islanDS. {<see what I did there? ;)}

Blog post title: Island of Misfit Toys – Rudolph

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