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Final Countdown

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We’re already thinking about the final project?? Really? Where has the semester gone?

I did a lot of brainstorming of who I wanted to base my final project around. I thought of all of my favorite shows and my favorite characters in those shows. I then narrowed it down to two. I thought about what story I would tell and which character would make the most interesting story. And that is how I came up with Sabrina from the TV show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

This show is kind of old and I used to LOVE it {kinda still do :)} In this show, Sabrina Spellman finds out that she is a witch. She is not allowed to tell any of her friends. This comedy show was based around how she lives her normal teenage life as a witch. She finds out about certain spells and goes through what most teenagers go through, except for she’s also a witch!

I thought that this would make for a great story! So I got to thinking. Here is what I came up with so far:

  • Libby {Sabrina’s enemy} finds out that Sabrina is a witch and threatens to tell everyone
  • Sabrina plots for revenge – no one can find out she is a witch or she will have to go to school in the “other realm”
  • Sabrina seeks revenge on Libby and no one finds out that she is a witch.
  • {Then, I will show all of the characters ten years later} – – I don’t want to give away the ending, because that wouldn’t be any fun!!

I browsed through the DS assignment bank to look for assignments that I could do to complete this story. The criteria for this assignment are: Three forms of assignments, At least four assignments, and about 15-20 stars. Here are some of the assignments that I’m thinking about doing {Beside the assignment name I wrote how I am going to use that assignment}:


  • Where are they now? (2) – to show the characters ten years later {after my story takes place}.
  • Character Mashup (3) – this will be the video that Libby will show everyone that Sabrina is a witch.



  • Say it like Peanut Butter (3) – this will show Sabrina’s revenge on Libby. Over and over and over again :) {revenge is sweet}
  • Poster/Note (not an assignment – no stars) – the note from Libby to Sabrina threatening to tell the school that Sabrina is a witch.

These three forms of assignments were my favorite ones that we have done this semester. I’m so glad that I get to revisit each topic and pick what assignments I want to do :)

The last one on the list above {Poster/Note} is not yet an assignment – I will create it and use it from this final project as the example. I did not count that to go towards my stars because it is not a real assignment…YET! Without counting that, I have a total of 18 stars!

If anyone sees any assignment that they think will go great with my final project, feel free to comment and share the link! Or if you’re creating an assignment and you think I could use it for my final project, do share!! I would love any feedback on this proposal :)

Blog post title: Final Countdown – Europe

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