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Bet On It

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Before we start video week next week, which I am kinda looking forward to, we had to pick some assignments that look interesting to us. When I was on this week’s DS 106 show – Reading Movies, we talked about how time consuming making and creating video assignments are. I am glad that planning our assignments out was one of this week’s assignments. I used this to my full advantage and planned everything out {because I’m so Type A}! Hopefully next week, everything will just fall into place.

Yeah right. Does that ever happen?

While I was searching through the Video Assignment Bank, I found two assignments that grabbed my attention right away! First, I stumbled upon the video assignment, YOLO is the Motto. For this assignment, you have to explain what the term YOLO means to you through pictures, videos, music, etc. The sky is the limit! This assignment appealed to me because I could really do anything.

I started by gathering images that I would use for my video. I created a set on Flickr. You can check my set out here.

There are two songs that I want to use in the background: YOLO – The Lonely Island and The Motto (YOLO) – Drake (ft. Lil Wayne). I want to only use the music in The Motto song. I think people are familiar enough with it to know the music. I haven’t 100% made up my mind on that. But I know for sure I am using these two songs somehow, someway.

There are also a couple of YouTube videos I want to incorporate into my video. I’m not going to use the whole clip in my video, you will have to stay tuned to see the specifics! I can’t just give everything away, there has to be some surprise :)

This example that I watched before fully deciding to do this assignment was the reason it switched from the “this assignment looks cool list” to the “I’m doing this assignment list”. This assignment has only ever been done once, so there is only one example to review. I like the way the video incorporates music, pictures, and actual videos. This is why I want my video to incorporate all of those elements as well {although not the same ones!} The example video is real life, which makes it super funny!

The other assignment that caught my interest is Where Are They Now? This assignment looks SO fun and I am super excited about doing it. Movies always leave me hanging about what happened to the characters! First, I had to think of what movie I would do. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants came to mind. Hmm, I could work with this.

I wanted to include a picture of what the characters were/looked like then (2005 – when the movie came out) and I wanted to make it funny. I gathered up pictures of them from the movie and pictures of them now {even if the ‘now’ pictures were a little edited or false}. You can see my collection of the pictures for this assignment here.

The song that I want to use in the background is Everybody’s Changing – Keane. I think it fits pretty well.

The person who created this assignment made this video. This video is HILARIOUS! I would have chosen that movie if she didn’t already {I wanted to be original}. That example video is where I got the idea to do a then and now comparison of a group of girls. The paparazzi is so crual and mean that I knew there would be some crazy pictures online of the stars. The example video had a nice touch with the song that played during the pictures. I loved this.

I will assemble all of the music, videos, and pictures for these two assignments in Videopad {recommended to me on the DS 106 show this week} or Windows Movie Maker – which ever one doesn’t give me a problem!

Blog post title: Bet On It – Zac Efron {because you can bet on it that I’m going to do these assignments next week!}

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