1. klasalata

    A-Z Photo Collage


    This 3 star assignment, A-Z photo collage, was SO fun yet SO challenging to do! The goal was the create a collage of themed pictures in alphabetical order. I wanted to do this assignment because I wanted a challenge. Anyone can take a picture of something or photo shop, …

  2. klasalata

    TDC week 5


    Happy visual week!!! I’m in love with taking pictures {and not just because this week contains Valentine’s Day!} so these daily creates were so fun for me!

    DC 400 – take a picture of someone other than you using your favorite type of technology. My brother helped me out with …

  3. klasalata

    A Set of Life


    Life, a set on Flickr.

    For my first photo set, I chose to do a set about Life.

    Over the summer, I took these pictures because I love the saying “Live well, Laugh often, Love much”. The ‘Live’ is a broken fence off of my road. The ‘Laugh’ is …

  4. klasalata

    Flickr and WordPress Sitting in a Tree


    Have you ever wondered how to link your Flickr up with your WordPress blog? If yes, keep reading. If no, who are you kidding, of course you do – keep reading. Flickr and WordPress want to be linked together because together, they can tell amazing stories. And that’s why you’re …

  5. klasalata

    Bump it Up!


    The other audio assignment ever was to create a radio bumper for our DS 106 radio show. A bumper is a 10-30 second pause between a commerical break and a program. You know, the things that play on your favorite radio station that go something like “back to the music …

  6. klasalata

    DS Radio


    If you thought DS 106 was a cool class, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! We have our own radio show! I know, it’s cool. I follow the radio show on twitter {@ds106radio} and you should too! There are posts about what is streaming and it keeps you …

  7. klasalata

    Windy Audio Alert!


    For my first Audio Assignment, I clicked the button “try a random one”. I wanted to see what it came up with because trying to pick one out in the whole bank is hard!! {there are wayy too many good ones and I couldn’t choose!} It came up with …

  8. klasalata

    TDC week 4


    Gosh, I just can’t get enough of The Daily Create (TDC)! This week’s DCs were so fun, and I can’t help but be jealous of the person who makes them up {who IS that man behind the red curtain anyway??}

    On Monday, the DC was to write an acrostic poem

  9. klasalata

    Undergoing Week 3 Investigation


    Hello fellow DS 106-ers! I am excited that this was the first week of no bootcamp! It was nice getting up on Monday and knowing I wouldn’t have to do a Word Press {see what I did there ;)} Anyways, this week, I was put to the test of investigating …

  10. klasalata

    3 Daily Creates in Week 3


    It’s time for another round of…DAILY CREATES! For those of you just tuning in, Daily Creates (DC) are some kind of prompt that challenges you to be creative. This week, we had to do 3. Get ready for some ultimate creativity to come your way.

    For the first DC I …

  11. klasalata

    Photo Story


    My photo story is based off of two previous Daily Create photo assignments.

    {photo found here}

    Sparky was a yellow lab who was very friendly. Most dogs didn’t like cats, but Sparky loved cats! He was friends with just about everyone and every animal. Sparky also loved going …

  12. klasalata

    What is Digital Storytelling?


    When I hear the word “storytelling”, I immediately think back to elementary school. I think of a plot, characters, setting, theme, beginning, middle, and an end, because in order to tell a story you need all of those elements. For example: I don’t think a story would be classified as …

  13. klasalata

    Week 2 of Boot Camp Summary


    Who has two thumbs and made it through digital storytelling boot camp? THIS GIRL!!!! Oh yeah!!!.. Ok, that’s enough.

    This week, I learned a lot about Word Press and blogging. I would be lying if I said that it was all easy. I set up my very own email through …

  14. klasalata

    Week 1 of Boot Camp!


    Howdy all! I hope everyone is staying dry and had a great first week of classes! I think it is safe to say that we survived week 1 of DS 106 boot camp! {wahooo!!}

    I watched the videos that were posted on the class blog. My favorite video was …

  15. klasalata

    Hello World!


    Hello World!!!

    My name is Kelsie and I am a SENIOR at UMW I chose ‘Miss Runner Bug’ as my blog name because I am addicted love to run! Also, my boyfriend calls me a ‘bug’ after everything. If I am studying, I’m a study bug. If I am mean, …

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