Running on Sound Effects

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The other audio assignment that was assigned this week was called the Sound Effect Story. Making a story with only sounds was definitely a challange, but it was fun to do!

I got the sounds tying shoes, bang, water bottle, and running from The girl drinking her water and saying ‘ah‘ at the end is yours truly :) I chose to do combine these sounds because, I’m sure you all know by now – I love to run. I layered these sounds in a program called Audacity. I couldn’t download LAME, which is a mp3 converter. I had the hardest time with that {rather lame if you ask me}. But after many downloads, many frusterations, and many failed attempts, I finally got it to work. I honestly don’t even know how! I just started clicking buttons. {I think I might have installed the wrong one at first because now my internet is acting funky and won’t open new tabs! Uhhh} However, it was very easy to put these all together after I watched Professor Levine’s video on Audacity.


‘Seriously, if I didn’t have the DS 106 handbook and the weekly check-list, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself!


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