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The other audio assignment ever was to create a radio bumper for our DS 106 radio show. A bumper is a 10-30 second pause between a commerical break and a program. You know, the things that play on your favorite radio station that go something like “back to the music faster, 13.1 Miss Runner Bug Radio Broadcasting System” :) Well here it is:

I knew that creating a radio bumper would be helpful for the DS 106 radio. {explain the story behind the work}

When I first read the assignment prompt, I was intimidated {I feel like I have said that work a lot this week, maybe it is because it’s audio week!}. But I wanted to challenge myself and I knew that I would be proud of myself when it was all done. I had already downloaded Audacity and LAME from my sound effect story assignment {you can read about all of the trouble I had with that as well as hear my sound effect story in my blog post} After I got the programs ready, I stared at the screen for a while. I went into panic mode because no ideas came into my head. So, I went for a run.


When I’m running, my head clears and creative ideas start flowing. When I came back, I knew what I wanted to do. I went to freesound.org to download some FREE sounds – if you didn’t figure that’s what it had from the website title. I had no idea about this site but when I was reading Karissa’s blog post, I came across the website and decided to check it out. I recorded my voice and did some layering and voilà: my radio bumper!

Want to know the funniest thing about this assignment? {besides how funny I sound with a low-pitched voice} I actually listen to radio commericials now. I know the process they had to go through to make it and I sort of appreciate {if you will} them. I wonder how long that will last – I am a stickler for being the “channel surfer” in the car!

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