Week 1 of Boot Camp!

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Howdy all! I hope everyone is staying dry and had a great first week of classes! I think it is safe to say that we survived week 1 of DS 106 boot camp! {wahooo!!}

I watched the videos that were posted on the class blog. My favorite video was from Steven Johnson called “Where Good Ideas Come From”. The first ”nugget” I jotted down during this video was the way he presented the material; he draws out the story of what he is saying. I had to re-watch this video twice – once to get ideas and once just to observe the masterpiece that he draws and how he draws it. The second “nugget” I got was from the Rules for Students and Teachers, particularly Rule #6 – Follow the leader, nothing is a mistake. There is no win and no fail. This rule inspired me {and I feel that I will have to keep reading that throughout this semester}. The third “nugget” that I wrote down was from Kelli Anderson’s video. I liked how she mixed up her letters of her website into other words. I will use this idea if we ever have to make word art, or do something creative with words {and will credit her}.

Not only have I watched some videos this first week, I made one of my own. Below is my first ever daily create video! I loved doing this!!! I loved being creative and making this story up as I went on. I did watch some other daily create videos from the DS 106 class and I enjoyed watching them. Here is my first ever daily create video:

If you want to keep up with more of my videos, you can check out my YouTube site. You can also follow me on Twitter, Sound Cloud, and Flickr. I am new to Sound Cloud and Flickr, but not Twitter. Twitter is very easy to get the hang of. I am excited for my followers to see my links and tweets about DS 106! :)

My first week of DS 106 fairly well. I had a hard time getting started and making my “to-do list” for all of the assignments/work due this week – – just because there were a lot of components to the assignments {we had to make a blog but before that came the domain, subdomain, word press, etc.} Now that my blog is up and running, I’m a little less stressed.

I have already learned a lot {by creating an account on the various websites and this blog}. The step by step instructions that Professor Levine posted for us to refer to helped me out a lot whenever I got stuck {seriously, if you haven’t checked them out, do it.}. I had a really hard time learning how to embed videos and pictures into this here blog post. But low and behold I figured it out, it just took forever trial and error {and Professor Levine’s help via email}. I learned that I can be creative when I am put under pressure, for example: the this week’s daily create video. FYI – my mom did NOT pin my pants with a clothes pin. I also learned that blogging is pretty fun, I am going to really have a blast with these weekly summaries!

I am looking forward to developing into a more creative person throughout this class. I know the work load in this class will be a lot. However, if I manage my time well and pace the weekly assignments out, I know that it will not be stressful. The only thing that I am dreading is using Sound Cloud. When I was on the website, it seemed a bit intimidating to me. I want to learn how to photoshop pictures. I wonder if we will learn that in this class(?)

I’m excited to get the ball rolling in this class now that I have graduated from Boot Camp! To learn more about me, go to my About section on my Blog. Have a great weekend everyone! I will talk to you guys again next week! :) Adios amigos!

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