Windy Audio Alert!

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For my first Audio Assignment, I clicked the button “try a random one”. I wanted to see what it came up with because trying to pick one out in the whole bank is hard!! {there are wayy too many good ones and I couldn’t choose!} It came up with the assignment, to imitate some kind of weather.

{Play it and close your eyes imagining that you are on the show Winnie the Pooh – for some reason, it was always windy in the 100 acre woods!}

At first, I wanted to do lightenting. I tried it, and it didn’t work well. It just sounded like heavy winds…so I decided to imitate wind. I tried to make it sound as real as possible but you can be the judge of that! :) In radio lingo, when people create their own sounds from theirself and what they have around them, it is called foley sound. I have always wanted to do this so when I got randomly assigned to this assignment in the DS 106 Assignment Bank, I was happy!

Because I have the SoundCloud app on my phone, I just recorded and uploaded my sound from there. It was actually very easy. I would definitely reccommend getting the app if you have an iPhone or any other device that you can get apps with!

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