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One tool that was suggested to us when remixing and mash-uping was Mozilla Popcorn Maker. In order to experiment with this, Alan created a video for us to remix. He left spaces open where we could add new media. Here is the video:

Yeah. I know, funny.

I was kind of scared to remix this video. When I first watched it, I saw the open spaces where he alotted us to add media and I was worried scared intimidated. AHHHH.

The Popcorn Maker made this intimidation feeling a little better. It took a while to get used to it because I had never used it before. It said I was missing a flash player but I always just ignore those information pop-ups. However, when I added media, Alan’s clips’ timing would be off. I installed my missing flash player.

Even after I conformed and installed my flash player, it seemed a little complicated trying to piece all of the objects together. I wanted it to flow well. Maybe it was just the way this assignment was laid out. It didn’t seem realistic to me {although a trip to the sun isn’t!} because it. If you want to know what I’m talking about, watch my finished product:

I created a lot of the pictures by editing them so that they would be more realistic. For example, I took a screenshot of the final grade screen on the original video and typed in my text. I overlayed the pictures with the videos. It took a lot of trial and error! A. LOT.

I got the sun video from YouTube. This is the video that I play at the end on the vacation clip. I got this song clip from SoundCloud:

I was trying to make this vacation video funny {aka – why I chose the sun to be the destination!} I think this was a great assignment to do for a remix tester. I got to test out the water and practice remixing. I will say that I’m going to try another editor for future remix/mashup assignments because this one seemed to take a lot of my patience {and I’m working with pre-kindergarten kids today so that’s not good}. It always took so long to load…and still does even now that it’s done. So sorry if you are waiting for a super duper long time for it to load. I did like how I could change and add to a video with my own work. I can see how this tool is liked by people when they are remixing/mashing things up.

The story that this *new* video tells is an interesting one. Alan said he wanted a vacation because this semester was rough… and boy, did he get one. I hope he also packed his sunscreen! I hear the UV-B rays and the risk for skin cancer is crazy high when you stay on the Sun!

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