in which I realize that sound clips of human sounds creep me out

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For this assignment I went through several pages of free sound clips to find the sound effects I wanted to use for my five-sound story.  The story I wanted to tell was of an event that lasts just as long as the file I ended up creating.  I had to look up several different sounds that humans make for it though, and while I was listening to them I realized I found the noises pretty disturbing.  The weirdest things have always gotten under my skin (claymation, for example) though so I guess I just have to add this to the list.

I powered through it though and came up with this ‘story:’

In it, a person is walking across the floor and runs into a table.  They grunt in pain as everything crashes to the floor, and then they sigh deeply in frustration.

I got to practice more with Audacity, which I liked.  I’ll be glad to never listen to this again though, if I can help it.

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