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Take A Guess

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To really get you thinking visually, I chose to do the One Story/Four Icons assignment (**). It may sound easy at first, but picking four images to represent a story, without giving it away, is actually challenging! And I loved creating it! I chose this assignment because I enjoyed looking and guessing at the ones previously done by DSers, so I wanted to give it a shot. Can you take a guess at what it is??

4 icons-1 story

No hints are going to be given. And I am not going to tell you if you are right or wrong until SUNDAY the 24th because I want as many people to guess! Also, if you read that someone already guessed what you were going to say…it’s ok! You can still comment with your guess — it’s not for a grade…or is it??

Photo Credits:

•Apple =
•Broom =
•Bunny =
•Jewelry Box = Microsoft Clip Art

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