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This Class is Propaganda

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So this assignment was literally propaganda.  I had to redesign a WWII poster to propogate our class.  Now, everyone has seen the craze of Keep Calm and Chive On, Keep Calm and Shop On, Keep Calm and Drink Coffee, etc.  Now what most people don’t know is that that the original one was a set of three posters that the British had in store in case the Germans invaded.  The posters would be placed around the city to keep the peace.  The original one was Keep Calm and Carry On.  Here’s the original.


Now for mine, I adapted it for our ds106 class.

keep calm and ds106 on

I loaded it into gimp, got rid of the crown and everything after the “and” in the picture using the color picker to pick out the gray background, and then the paintbrush to paint over all the white.  I ended up with only the “Keep Calm And” part of the picture.  Then I stole the ds106 logo off the site and loaded it into the picture, enlarging it using the scaling tool.  After that, I added the “on” in the photo.  Eventually I decided on a book to replace the crown, and loaded up a clipart image of a book at the top, enlarging it enough to fit nicely in the picture.  That was it.

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