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    Mario And Friends Do Tomorrowland


    One day Mario, Luigi, and Peach were bored.  They sought to remedy this with something to do.  They stumbled across an ad for an electronic music festival called Tomorrowland.

    Electronic music being their favorite type of music–that is all they’ve listened to since they started out rescuing each other–they immediately …

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    Luigi Trips Balls


    I don’t think this was actually an assignment listed–might have been, might not.  Anyway, I took a couple videos off of youtube that involved Mario and Luigi and Peach, kept the music playing from the festival, mixed all the stuff up, then did some voice overs.  I did everything in …

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    Walking to the Party


    For this part of the assignment, Mario, Luigi, and Peach are walking into the festival in Peach’s Castle.  I did everything in Audacity, blending a bunch of sounds together.  Here’s my workspace.

    I got all my sound effects from this website http://soundfxcenter.com

    And here is the final, complete sound …

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    The Festival


    I made a moving poster for the festival mario and luigi are going to.  Not really the original assignment, but it works the same.  For this, I took a bunch of things to get it all together.  First, I downloaded this jumping video off of youtube.

    Then, I took …

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    Running Around


    This part of my final project is the mario and luigi running to the festival in a GIF form.  I made it using the gif animator program I have.  The clip was loaded off of Youtube and then I cut it down using iMovie because it was too long.  The …

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    Don’t Even Breathe On It


    For this assignment, we had to redub over some voices from a show, movie scene, etc. and I chose Spongebob.  I don’t know why, I hated Spongebob as a kid and still don’t like him.  I guess I just thought it would be easy.  I played the part of Mr …

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    Burger King!


    I can honeslty say this was my least favorite thing I’ve had to do all semester because it relied entirely on an online editor that happened to break down and only work in parts the entire time I worked on it.  It was also very frustrating trying to line up …

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    The Baby’s Revenge


    A woman walks down aisle seven in the grocery store.  She scans the items on the shelves, looking for a bottle of Gerber peas for her new baby boy.  She finds them, goes home, and prepares them for little Joey that night.  But Joey didn’t like those peas…  The rest …

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    Hitler likes My Django Remix


    For this assignment, I made a remix inside of a remix.  We were supposed to make a movie where someone was watching a movie so I had Hitler from Inglorious Basterds watching Django.  But, Django was watching something he wasn’t supposed to be watching.  I did all my work …

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    My Final Character’s Story


    For my final project, I will be working on the character Mario, for several reasons.  First, Mario is my theme for my website.  Second, Mario is a very popular character and branches out to many different forms of adventures, be it sports, in space, or prescribing pills to people…

    For …

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    Weekly Summary 11-12


    This week was a mixture of emotions.  It started off really fun, and then was indifferent, and now it’s a pain in my ass.  I did some things that I wanted to do, trashed some plans, made new ones, trashed those too, and just tried to figure stuff out.

    My …

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    Chaplin Reimagined


    This was the biggest pain in the ass to date.  We had to do this remaking of this Charlie Chaplin scene here.

    Then we had to go back and reuse the sound we made for it in the beginning by removing the original sound and clipping it to the  video.  …

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    Wedding Crashers****


    For this assignment, we had to change the sound of a movie/scene kinda deal to add in a soundtrack of our own.  Not very hard to do I don’t really know why it was four stars.  I also think this is putting me way over what I needed to …

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    Delicious Peas****.5


    So for this assignment, we were supposed to make a documentary on something that lasted 30 seconds. The idea was to cram something that provided knowledge about something to other people into a short amount of time.  The process made you focus on the little important bits that gave …

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    Is This Narnia?****.5


    I had a lot of fun with this assignment.  We had to make a short 5 second video that told a story.  I decided to make a little gag joke out of my 5 second video.

    It took a long time to figure something kind of clever out.  I …

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    Do The Hitchcock****


    So for this assignment, we had to show how changing a simple cut of a video could change the view of a character’s values, beliefs, etc.  The idea came from this Albert Hitchcock video where he changed the middle clip in between two others of a face and another …

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    Wise Old Men***


    This was a nice startup assignment to get me going for the week.  I got to experiment with iMovie a bit more and figure out things like transitions and credits and such.  I did lots of different things for this.  When considering this assignment, the first thing I thought of …

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    Planning Ahead


    So I started planning all the stuff that I’ll be doing next week for video assignments.  The first assignment I chose was 1 Archetype, 5 Movies which just looks like fun.  I always like looking in books at all the different characters that inspire others to make similar characters.  So …

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    How to Videos


    I think that How to videos are a youtube exclusive thing (aside from gaming guides).  For example, I learned how to tie a bowtie on youtube.

    There are many other examples of this concept, from how to get a six pack to how to love Lil’ Wayne.  Here’s a list …

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    Weekly Summary 9


    This week sucked.  I got a concussion early in the week so I haven’t had much brain power (still don’t) and I ended up doing all of this today (been working since 8 and its 11 now).  I got everything done, maybe not done well, but I did it as …

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    Final Judgement on Our Radio Show


    I’m not really sure how to judge this whole shebang.  Honestly, the whole thing was thrown together in a bunch of random pieces.  But, at the same time, the assignment was to get a bunch of audio assignments and put them together, so I don’t know what to say about …

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    Daily Creates


    I was a little confused about this weeks daily creates and what to do with them.  The first was to get a picture of a lisence plate that caught your eye.

    Then there was the one about convincing someone that aliens are real.

    Then there was the video of …

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    Hidden Stories**


    So for this assignment, we had to put a random story in the middle of a webpage.  I inserted part of “The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde into a Wikipedia article on Kim Jong-Il.  Honestly, I don’t think there is a more fitting place for this, especially since I …

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