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    Radio Bumper


    I was really nervous for this assignment–just like the last one–but once I got going it was really easy–also like the last one.  I just used an O.A.R song, “Living in the End,” I had in my iTunes, loaded it directly into Audacity, cut to the beginning (there were …

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    [Updated] Sound Effect Story


    This was the most fun I’ve had doing something in this class so far and I have no idea why.  Here’s the assignment.

    The explosions need a little work.

    After some comments, I went back in to make another story.  I liked the old one, but it was clear …

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    Radio Storytelling


    Looking at the Ira Glass and other guy who’s name I can’t pronounce videos, there was a good amount to talk about and consider.  First with the Ira Glass, obviously there is the series of anecdotes that lead into one another.  The most important piece is the flow of the …

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    Weekly Summary 3


    So many links this week!  First, here’s what I think about the process of storytelling–difficult concept to wrap your head around, but I tried.  It is a difficult process to understand, as I have been discussing the same topic in another class of mine for a few weeks.  It …

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    Best of ds106


    I chose the piano duel for the ages for the inspire work because I found it the most amusing to watch.  The concept is very simple, but it was cool to see such random, obscure things mashed together.  It is a digital story because it is digitally animated through a …

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    The Shape of Stories


    First off, this is an incredibly obnoxious, ridiculous, simpleton version of stories to the point that it makes the point that storytelling becomes redundant.  I disagree, although there have been studies that have suggested that there are only thirty-two plots to any story in existence.  I also completely disagree with …

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    What is Storytelling?


    Storytelling is the process of creating, recounting, and producing stories, whether truthful or fantastic.  They can be produced in any manner, whether verbally or written.  Also, ever heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words?”  It is.…

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    Weekly Summary 2


    Easy week.  Made the new email domain of [email protected]… amusing address.  Haven’t received a single email from it.  I also installed the anti-spam program but hadn’t received any spam before that so I’m not sure how necessary it was.

    When looking playing around with the themes I first picked out …

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    Weekly Summary 1


    This was an interesting first week for DS106.  A lot of different things happened and there were many new experiences that I… haven’t experienced…

    When looking at the first few media videos on art, creativity, “disruptive wonder,” and the list of class rules, many things came to mind.  The video …

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