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For this assignment, we had to change the sound of a movie/scene kinda deal to add in a soundtrack of our own.  Not very hard to do I don’t really know why it was four stars.  I also think this is putting me way over what I needed to do for this week, but who cares.

I downloaded the video off of youtube.  The original video is here: Well sort of original video.  It was really a scene from Wedding Crashers that someone else downloaded.

Anyway, what I did to put this all together was start out in my iTunes library and just scrolled through songs until I found something that could be in a soundtrack.  I actually chose a song that was part of another soundtrack (Get Him to The Greek) that I had in my library.  Here’s a link to the soundtrack on youtube if you want to hear it by itself.

Anyway, after I found the song, I googled famous drinking scenes (seemed appropriate), and ended up picking Wedding Crashers because the song seemed appropriate for the montage of weddings scene from the beginning.  I loaded the clip into iMovie after downloading it using iLivid (rips youtube videos), and then cut the sound out of the clip.  Then I loaded the song into iMovie to play over the scene.

The only thing that I was disappointed with this was the quality of the youtube video.  I couldn’t find a better one.  Someone had poorly downloaded it or ripped it off a DVD, which I would have not been able to do any better, so I just went with this one.  If you can overlook that, the combination works out very nicely, especially since it is a soundtrack/movie combination.  Plus I think the only thing going on in that scene in Wedding Crashers is some other song playing anyway so it all kind of worked out.  Here’s the final cut.

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