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So I started planning all the stuff that I’ll be doing next week for video assignments.  The first assignment I chose was 1 Archetype, 5 Movies which just looks like fun.  I always like looking in books at all the different characters that inspire others to make similar characters.  So I thought about it and I have all the movies I’m going to use, but I’m not telling because it might give something away.

The two example videos I examined (I watched more than two, but these were the best) were The Dollhouse of Nerd Girls and Librarian Archetype video.  I chose these because they didn’t follow the rules down to the letter, and I think that actually worked out better for the video itself.  In both cases, the person used more than a second clip of the character, even though it was supposed to only be a five second video.  The ones that actually used a second clip didn’t work out very well because you couldn’t get a sense of the character and sometimes they only took a screenshot of the person.  Here’s an example of one that, in my opinion, didn’t come out as well as the other two.  You can really see the difference.

I was kind of torn between two different assignments for my second one and I’m still not 100 percent sure which I’ll do.  I made plans for both of them… The first one is that Alfred Hitchcock video assignment where you have to do something similar to his example.  For this one, I again have everything planned out.  My second assignment is the dub over someone’s speech assignment because it sounds like a good deal of fun.  I have a scene and some ridiculous stuff planned for it.  Probably going to need to practice it.  I watched the original submission of the Godfather, and another one about Batman Begins and his Felafel…  Both were well done but I think the Godfather one worked the best just because in the Batman one too much of the sound was ripped out of the clip when the voice over was done.  I’m not sure how to correct that but I’ll figure it out I guess.  Or I’ll just be stuck with Hitchcock.  Oh and for examples of that one, I looked at the masterful Hitchcock doing his example video, and compared it with this one.  Obviously Hitchcock’s was better because nobody at this school is as masterful at film cutting or whatever than that man, but the second video still gave a clear, albeit strange, view of the emotional change.

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