Weekly Summary 13 & 14 REMIX

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Long weeks.  Lots of other work.  Finally done with this stuff.

Here’s me talking about remixes with my roommate, who also has taken this class.

Here’s the popcorn assignment that was a total pain.

Recycled Media Project.  Fun, but tough and ended up being quite rewarding.

My First Remix assignment, where I try to dub over some Spongebob.  Four Stars.

My Second Remix assignment, where I make some guys watching some guys watch a guy.  Also Four Stars.

Then the last thing was the remix of the photo.  Also tough to do.

Remix is one of the big things we’ve been talking about in my Tolkien class this semester, although not in the term of remix.  We have been discussing the adaptations of Tolkien and its effects on fiction thereafter, and there is a large and clear effect on fantasy after it was written.  When reading hte first few paragraphs of the Hobbit and then the first few paragraphs of Harry Potter, there is a clear similarity in diction, pace, mood, and style that begins the two novels.  Looking at Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance series, Paolini takes words from Tolkien’s universe and changes them by either adding a new letter or switching two letters.  Personally I would call that plagiarism, but I don’t write the rules.  George R. R. Martin even acknowledges The Lord of the Rings as his biggest inspiration, aspiring to write in the same style.  And on that note, Game of Thrones is coming on TV, Goodnight.


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