Hitler likes My Django Remix

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For this assignment, I made a remix inside of a remix.  We were supposed to make a movie where someone was watching a movie so I had Hitler from Inglorious Basterds watching Django.  But, Django was watching something he wasn’t supposed to be watching.  I did all my work in iMovie.

I think the film explains itself.  I recently purchased Django, so that was on my mind and I wanted to include that.  My next task was to find a movie where people were watching a movie.  Following the same theme, I went with another Quentin Tarantino Movie and found Inglorious Basterds and the cinema scene with Hitler.  Then, to change things further, I placed a clip of a guy running across a baseball field within the Django clip because he was looking at a guy in a field, as they say in the movie.  Here are the three clips unedited.

Inglorious Basterds


Guy in Field

Originally, I was going to make Django watch something weird, like a drag queen running through a field, but I couldn’t find any videos of that so I gave up.  This ended up working out well enough I suppose.  I loaded everything from YouTube using iLivid.  Here’s a clip of my workspace from iMovie.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 10.51.13 PM


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