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Animated Movie Poster

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For this assignment, I designed a moving poster for the move Inception.  Here it is.updated inception gif

For this I loaded the poster of Inception into Gimp.  I smart cutted the head of Mr DiCaprio out of the image and reversed it.  I had to play around with the clouds on the other side using the airbrush and imagine what would have gone in there so it’s not quite perfect.  Then I loaded another copy of the poster into a new Gimp file.  From there, I decided to paint the back of Leo’s head with the paintbrush, added in some airbrushed highlights (too keep the shiny part on the top, and airbrushed in some more clouds.

After I finished everything in Gimp, I loaded the three pictures into my gif creator app that I got from the appstore (I think its just called gif creator).  The final product was the original picture, followed by the third picture of the back of his head, the image of his flipped head, and then the back of his head again.

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