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Disney World

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Joe Flacco got lost on his way to Disney World.


For this Assignment, we had to insert someone into a picture where they don’t belong.  Since Joe Flacco was Superbowl MVP, he was supposed to go to Disney World for a parade afterwards.  Instead I made him get lost in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

This was actually really easy to do, it just took a lot of effort to get a good smart cut.  First, I loaded an image of Joe Flacco into Gimp, as well as the image that I wanted to place him in, in this case being the parade scene from Ferris Bueller.  I went at Joe first using the Smart Cut Tool (I).  I probably used around 200 points to get a good shape off of the smart cut–sometimes it gets a little crazy so the closer you put the points together, the better the cut gets.  After I finally got around him, I copied the image (Edit>Copy) and pasted it as a new layer into the parade picture.  From here, I had to shrink it to an appropriate size using the Scale Tool (Shift+T).

Once I did that, I tried a bunch of different things so that I could put him into the background.  I found that the thing that made the best effect was using the Smart Cut Tool again so I could select some of the flowers instead of just using a solid block (Joe was only half there when I used the solid block).  By selecting some of the background to move into the foreground, I made it look more realistic in having Joe there, so he wasn’t just floating around and actually looked like part of the picture.  Once I had the flowers selected (using the smart select tool (I)), I used the layering options (control+L) to move the flowers in front of Joe, covering some of him up.  Then I used the Move Tool (M) to move everything into place, lining up the flowers in the foreground with the flowers in the background, enveloping Joe into the picture and that was that.

Also, don’t forget to export the photo so you can make it a .jpg or .png because otherwise Gimp will format it in some weird file type.

Joe Flacco

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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