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Digital Apocalypse

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Jim Groom opened kicked down a door at the end of 2010.  DS106 was the apo kalupsis which tore away the veil that had concealed the sumptuously rich, and often darkly funny nature of digital storytelling from my perception.  Prior to yanking the covering from my eyes, video documentary was all I could imagine when I heard the term.  Lost as I was amid the ’80′s pop-culture references in the course, and even though I had to drop active participation after a few weeks, I still caught the ds106 virus badly enough to forever inoculate me against any concept of boundaries to digital stories.

Enter etmooc 2013 with a second chance.  To my great dismay, the weeks of Digital Storytelling with luminaries Jim Groom and Alan Levine conflicted with my College’s in-service, and once again I’m struggling to just skim a little cream off the minimal interaction I can afford.  Here are a couple of new ventures for me.

When I stumbled upon Dean Shareski’s “My Amazing Story of Connectedness” in a  tweet to @cogdog (Alan Levine), I surrendered to the urge to do one of my own – although I failed miserably at the challenge to complete it in 5 minutes.

I kept hearing references to Storify, so decided to give it a whirl to document my twitter goof-ups. (@AlisonSeaman suggested it’s also a six-word story: twitter learning, premature send, missed tags.) Storify lets you drag & drop selected bits from social media into a storyline.  It’s one of those low-threshold Web 2.0 apps.  I found it ridiculously easy to assemble, but that doesn’t mean I did it quickly – always gotta second-guess myself.
Last evening I attempted to export it to WordPress for this blogpost, only to discover that Storify’s export feature created and published a complete post here.
Eventually I found the embed code on Storify, so here’s my second compilation, a twitter exchange that started at the Canadian Moodle Moot.


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