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Less is More***

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As per usual, another post is being dedicated to Cinderella. What can I say? She’s my favorite. So it was only natural that when I had the opportunity to create a movie poster in the most simplistic manner, I chose to do Cinderella’s cover. Just out of curiosity, I decided to search what some Cinderella covers had looked like in the past, and certainly came across a large variation depending on the version and the year. Here were just a few:

but the one that caught my interest the most was:

Sure this last one may not be a movie cover, and typically playbills are a bit more simplistic (I am absolutely obsessed with Broadway Plays). But I just loved everything about this. In fact, I actually saw this picture after I had already made my movie poster. The first time I saw this assignment I knew I wanted to do the iconic glass slipper, because it is after all the dream.

So I wanted to make my poster have the glass slipper, so I googled an image of a glass slipper and I put a light blue background as the background layer. I did have to also paint the blue around the slipper, which was a very tedious process. I then added some text and wanted to put it on the right side just to create a bit of a balance between the shoe location. I did all of this with the lovely help of GIMP, and got this amazing result that I really like:


Thanks for reading!

Princess Karissa

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