1. Princess Karissa

    I Am the Princess of ds106


    Well it’s the end of the ds106 season and I have to say that I am certainly the princess of ds106.

    So to begin this post I am going to start with a mathematical proof.

    Karissa is the princess of ds106

    ds106 is 4 life

    Thus, Karissa is a princess …

  2. Princess Karissa

    Oh What A Night


    I guess I should say oh what a morning. I pulled an all-nighter in order to finish my final project, but it was from Monday to Tuesday, so it wasn’t due to procrastination. I just simply wanted to get it done and was on a roll and I am not …

  3. Princess Karissa

    The World of Fate and Technology Collide


    Hello to my fellow ds106 readers. Today you are in store for a great story telling experience, my final project.

    Once upon a time there was a princess named Ariel. She was just 16 years old and was a very curious child who always wanted to explore the world around …

  4. Princess Karissa

    The Closing Ceremonies


    Yes, the end is almost near for me. Especially since I just finished making my last media portion of my final project, so I just have to tell the story and put it all together, which shouldn’t be too hard since I know this story back and forth since I …

  5. Princess Karissa

    Wedding Palooza!


    For my next assignment for my final project, I created a new assignment (yet again) which calls for creating an invitation to an event. I’m surprised that this wasn’t a design assignment already, but it doesn’t hurt to make a new one.

    *I suggest reading this post after you read …

  6. Princess Karissa

    I Wish I was 5’5? Tall


    I am six feet tall, and don’t get me wrong I love it. However, the princesses at Disney World have a height maximum, and being 6 feet tall means that I am way over the max. The day I found that out my heart shattered. I was so upset. However, …

  7. Princess Karissa

    I Only Do My Hair With a Dinglehopper


    The secret to my beautiful hair? The dinglehopper. Seriously, it works so well!!

    Don’t know what a dinglehopper is? Well here is an advertisement for it that you may see on a normal basis:

    Tricked you! You thought it’d be a real advertisement. Nope, believe it or not I made …

  8. Princess Karissa

    That’s a Wrap….to the regular season


    YAY almost done with the semester (but I will certainly miss ds106). This is one of the last weekly summaries that I have to write up, so it’s a bit sad, but exciting at the same time.

    These past two weeks were really jammed with so many different things to …

  9. Princess Karissa

    Always Sometimes Never


    Those three words pretty much haunt every geometry student at some point in their life. A square is always a rectangle, but a rectangle is sometimes a square? How can that be? It’s all about the properties. Quadrilaterals share a lot of different properties, but there also are a lot …

  10. Princess Karissa

    What Is a Remix?


    I really hate reflection posts. I have no idea why, maybe it’s because we aren’t creating anything fun for me to show off my princess skills for. I guess I just am too proud of my work all of the time. However I did really enjoy the different clips that …

  11. Princess Karissa

    I Worked At a Movie Theater for 2 Years


    Yes it is true, I have spent two full summers working in the movie theater and I never have had a problem with popcorn. In fact, I love it. Sure I spent one day sitting in the movie theater until 3 in the morning popping popcorn, but it didn’t matter …

  12. Princess Karissa

    Creating for the Creators


    Man let me tell you that I certainly do not miss the daily creates. Like at all. Something that we had to do throughout the semester was submit two different ideas for Daily Creates. One of which of mine got published!

    I decided that one of my daily creates was …

  13. Princess Karissa

    The Student Becomes the Master


    Okay, maybe not a master but still. Teaching is what I like doing, so of course doing tutorials just seemed natural for me. I really enjoy using the Print Screen button on my computer, so tutorials is seriously perfect for me. It’s a shame that I learned about screencasts in …

  14. Princess Karissa

    Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up


    Not going to lie, I’m not sure why I decided to tweet that. But it just seemed appropriate. I guess it’s because that’s how I felt when originally working on my radio show with my group and meeting for the first time in person. The group was using twitter in …

  15. Princess Karissa

    Wild Thang


    Probably the best way to describe me is wild. I’m not talking girls gone wild or something like that (especially since my parents and professors are the the only people who read this), but it is certainly me. I have a very unique personality to me and I can pull …

  16. Princess Karissa

    This Is My Princess Diary


    Yes I just had this realization, and it probably has been way too late for this, but I guess I could call this my princess diary. I mean I am a princess, and I am writing. It’s just a very public diary that I tweet about a lot, typical diary …

  17. Princess Karissa

    Videos: Fun, Windows Movie Maker: Not So Much


    This week definitely had an overall feeling of me not really loving Windows Movie Maker, at all. Seriously it was awful. The whole transitioning from one thing to the next made my head spin. The typical process was to get a video from YouTube, download it to an mp4 using …

  18. Princess Karissa

    You Mean Hunk-ules!


    Probably one of my all time favorite Disney lines is that title. Who doesn’t love a good forced pun being said by the odd muse out? But seriously, Hercules is super dreamy. I mean who doesn’t love a modest super hero son of a god? Come on, it’s not even …

  19. Princess Karissa

    Dogs Are Better Than Frogs


    So when looking at different assignments that I could do head past two weeks I came across the four star assignment of watching a movie with the stereo on, which is actually something that I have certainly done before. I guess I have just seen every Disney movie so many …

  20. Princess Karissa

    Finally Foley!


    Finally it all gets put together! A few weeks ago (it seriously seems like an eternity ago) we had to create our own sound effects for a Charlie Chaplin video, but we had to do it Foley style. Watching the video now, I was very glad that I was born …

  21. Princess Karissa

    It All Comes Back Together At the End


    So the week is finally over, and what a long week it has been at that.

    Luckily for me, procrastination did not end up being my enemy as it is almost 9 and I am onto the weekly summary, but I know not to procrastinate next week. Going into this …

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