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  1. Princess Karissa

    Wedding Palooza!

    For my next assignment for my final project, I created a new assignment (yet again) which calls for creating an invitation to an event. I’m surprised that this wasn’t a design assignment already, but it doesn’t hurt to make a new one. *I suggest reading this post after you read the final blog post* So (continue reading...)
  2. Princess Karissa

    Always Sometimes Never

    Those three words pretty much haunt every geometry student at some point in their life. A square is always a rectangle, but a rectangle is sometimes a square? How can that be? It’s all about the properties. Quadrilaterals share a lot of different properties, but there also are a lot of differences between them. We (continue reading...)
  3. Princess Karissa

    Wild Thang

    Probably the best way to describe me is wild. I’m not talking girls gone wild or something like that (especially since my parents and professors are the the only people who read this), but it is certainly me. I have a very unique personality to me and I can pull all nighters without any caffeine (continue reading...)

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