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The World of Fate and Technology Collide

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Hello to my fellow ds106 readers. Today you are in store for a great story telling experience, my final project.

Once upon a time there was a princess named Ariel. She was just 16 years old and was a very curious child who always wanted to explore the world around her, even if it wasn’t her world. You see, Ariel was a mermaid who loved to swim around different ruins and explore the human world as much as possible. One night, Ariel saw a large boat and floated to the top of the shore. It was there she saw the most beautiful prince in the whole wide world, Prince Eric. He was so handsome and smart and talented, Ariel instantly fell in love. But a storm was starting to brew, and the ship got damaged. It was up to Ariel to save Prince Eric, and she did while singing a lovely ballad to him.

Right after she saved Eric, Ariel went straight to her computer and started to research humans even more than she already had done in the past. She wanted to know everything about them, because she wanted to be one. There was just one problem, she didn’t have any legs. Instinctively Ariel posted this Craig’s List advertisement asking for someone to give her a pair of legs. While eagerly waiting for a response, Ariel began researching what humans use in order to look their best; after all, she had a prince she had to impress! She came across an interesting advertisement on YouTube:

Ariel thought to herself about all of the different things she would see when she became human, and started to feel overwhelmed. Finally, with the ding of a computer, she had a response! It was a merman from a neighboring village, and Ariel swam her way over and exchanged special plants from her land to get legs. She swam to shore and took one of the largest breaths that she had ever taken. The air belonged to her, everything was hers now. Eager to see the world, but more importantly Prince Eric, she shakily set foot onto the beach wearing barely nothing (from the transformation). It was only a matter of seconds that Eric found her, and he offered her shelter right away. So excited about everything that was happening, Ariel could not contain her excitement, and she would not stop talking about it. As soon as she had a second a free time, she immediately went onto Facebook and added Prince Eric’s page to hers, and she immediately wrote on his wall.

Ariel continued to talk to Prince Eric, she was so excited that all of her dreams were coming true! She felt like she could say anything to him and he would be listening, but sometimes he seemed a bit distracted. Ariel decided not to over welcome her stay, so she decided to find somewhere else to stay, but she made sure that Eric and her would keep in touch. After all, he was meant for her and she was meant for him.

Not even a day later, Ariel got mail from Eric. Ariel ran to open it up and instantly dropped the letter on the ground. It couldn’t be was all that she thought to herself. It was an invitation, to Eric’s wedding, which was scheduled for the next day:


But who was this Karissa Herrick girl? Ariel had to know. Eric and Ariel were meant to be, not Karissa. Ariel wanted answers, but wasn’t sure who to ask. Typically when she was back at the sea she would ask upon the two best people in the business. Not trusting anyone else, Ariel returned to the shore and called out for Flotsam and Jetsam. It was a good thing she remembered their number from their famous advertisement:


Flotsam and Jetsam took the job, they were excited to see how well they would be able to track down a human. What they found out was very interesting, but they did not really think much about it. They told Ariel about how Karissa had her own website about confessions of a future Disney princess. Ariel, in a crazy haze started reading every single post and was surprised to see what she saw. What was this Disney thing? Why were people such a craze, and most of all why was she in it? How could this Karissa know who she was but Ariel never heard of her before. Before she knew it, it was morning (she hadn’t slept because her blog posts were so detailed with information), it was the day of the wedding. Ariel sprinted to get to the boat, and she immediately went to find Eric and show him everything that she discovered. Eric just shunned her away and said that he has been in love with Karissa since he first laid eyes on her and they were destined to be together (plus she was of legal age to be married). Ariel, in a pink poofy dress, then got asked to leave before the boat took sail. She started to freak out. That was the last we had heard of her until recently. Here was the lastest update:


And as for Karissa? Well her dream of being Disney princess finally came true :)


Thanks for reading!

The legitimate Princess Karissa

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