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While reading the requirements for the final assignment, I was so overwhelmed with all of the possibilities that I had. Which princess would I choose? The possibilities are endless. Cinderella has been over done with this blog, so I wanted to go for a princess that I haven’t  really done too much. While looking at my beautiful header I came across a great idea, Ariel. I have always loved Ariel and I have no idea why I never really done too many things involving her before. So now is my chance to redeem myself.

I had no choice but to watch this classic film in order to really get a good idea for all of the different things I wanted. And I had a huge list of different things that I wanted to do, so I decided to narrow it down to things that I thought would be funny and great.

Web Design: Craig’s List

I was really shocked with how much I loved Web Designing and I really can’t wait to do it again (nerd alert I know). So I decided to have Ariel putting out not only one Craig’s list ad, but two ad! Yes that is right, for some reason I think that it is the funniest thing to have Ariel putting an ad out for legs, and then later a voice. This girl just never seems to have it all, even when she has a whole cave full of different things.

Design Assignment: Private Eye Advertisement

While watching the movie, I looked up from my intense typing and looked up right in time. There were the two villainous sidekicks looking at each other, each with one eye light up like a true creep. Then it instantly hit me, what a great idea! Having an advertisement for Flotsam and Jetsam’s Private Investigation. They are really great at spying, so I would want to hire them! And I’m sure after this ad is done, you all will too.

Video Assignment: Commercial 

I am pretty sure that I am making this assignment up, but I want to do a video assignment that is an advertisement for the dingle-hopper, which is also known the us humans as the fork. However, in the mer-world it is known as a way to brush your hair. It is a common theme that happens during the movie, so I would have plenty of footage to work with, which will make it that much better. I think it’s gonna turn out really well.

Web Design: Angie’s List

This is yet another web design that I want to do which is dealing with Angie’s List which is a website that reviews the services that people use. I thought this would be good for Ursula because she does make some deals that go through, but if they don’t go through with the deal, they are totally screwed. So I think that having a wide variety of different reviews would really tell a few stories about Ursula and her character. If only Ariel read these before she made her deal…

Video Assignment: Play by Play

The famous “Kiss the girl” scene is one of my favorites, and I had so many different ideas for that I wanted to do for this scene. Until it finally hit me. I am going to a play-by-play. I think the contrast between having the constant chatter of a sports environment with the romantic scene of the movie. I think that something like this will be very funny, and I am definitely going to say the cliche “he could go all the way” line. Because that’s just the kind of commentator I am.


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Princess Karissa

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