I’ll See You Past the Horizon

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Gosh it seems like all that I want is to go to the beach. Probably because I am a total Jersey girl, and I am constantly craving the beach at all seasons. But that is besides the point. This assignment that I created is all about improving vocabulary. As a future teacher I wanted to show students that they can associate different words with pictures by drawing the words.

So, I decided to draw the word “horizon” in which I think of the sun rising over the horizon, so I decided to draw a sun setting as part of the word. This way, I remember that horizon is the line that goes left and right, which is the opposite of a vertical line (if we are bringing this back to the math classroom which everyone should always be doing anyway).

I used this in GIMP and found the clip art of the sun and then added another layer for the text and the painting in the background tool was using the smudge feature.

Here is the final product


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Princess Karissa

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