1. Princess Karissa

    Overachiever in the Palace*


    I find it very funny what I get really into and what I don’t, especially when it comes to school. It’s not secret that I really enjoy this class, but when I first saw Design week I was a little intimidated by what was to come. I wasn’t sure exactly …

  2. Princess Karissa

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


    Reflecting back on this week I definitely saw a theme in everything that I was working on during Visual week. Everything seemed to be based on the good the bad and the ugly parts of my college career. So welcome to my college experience through a series of photos!

    So …

  3. Princess Karissa

    Try and Get Past me, I Dare You


    Getting past me is something that was very hard for four years, if you were playing against me on the volleyball court. Blocking has always been my favorite part of the game of volleyball and I don’t think I am happier than after blocking some annoying girl on the other …

  4. Princess Karissa

    I’m Sensing a Blitz on this Run


    This assignment was one that I was looking forward to the most. However I wish I approached it a little differently. I thought for a long time about where I wanted to take the pictures which ranged from my apartment, to my sisters house, and eventually Trinkle. Trinkle is my …

  5. Princess Karissa

    The Evil Gym of Salisbury


    At first I had very little inspiration for the daily creates this week. I’m not sure what exactly was stopping me, but I just wasn’t feeling it as much as a usually do. But, while looking back at the daily creates from the week I realized that I could do …

  6. Princess Karissa

    Perfect for those Drafty Castles!**


    Castles, dorm rooms, they all are the same! Well that being said, you guessed it, perfect for those drafty dorm rooms means SNUGGIES! Yes, I admit that I am an owner of the As Seen on TV phenomenon, I’ll even do you one better and tell you that mine has …

  7. Princess Karissa

    It’s Time for you to Meet my Prince


    Yes, that’s right. I have a man in my life, my stuffed animal duck named Quackie. Surely you would think by his name that I got him when I was very little and had zero creativity, but I got him only about two years ago and I’m obsessed. For some …

  8. Princess Karissa

    Audios Mio!


    Sorry, that title was a bit tacky. But it seems perfect for this weekly summary which is all about audio week, and what a week it was! I was cordially introduced to Audio, and we hit it off right away. This princess has invited audio to my kingdom so we …

  9. Princess Karissa

    A Week Worth of Daily’s


    Okay, so here is the deal. I  wanted to mix things up and make a post of all of the daily creates I did, but honestly it will never be happening again because it stressed me out way too much. So this is my first and last post that includes …

  10. Princess Karissa

    Princess Goes to Best Buy


    Well here I am, doing both audio assignments for the week in one night! Typically, I spend about two days brainstorming ideas on what I want to do my assignments on, and then spend the rest of the week working on them. Not having class on Wednesday and Friday really …

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