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You Mean Hunk-ules!

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Probably one of my all time favorite Disney lines is that title. Who doesn’t love a good forced pun being said by the odd muse out? But seriously, Hercules is super dreamy. I mean who doesn’t love a modest super hero son of a god? Come on, it’s not even fair. Plus you can total tell that he is sincere with the way that he treats his princess, Meg. He is just immediately blown away by her looks, I mean who wouldn’t be? Her hair is flawless and when she turns around she disappears for a second because she is THAT skinny. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. But I always loved the scene where they first met. I’m not sure if it’s because it reminds me of me when I met my first boyfriend (is this tmi? oh well). But just seeing someone and getting too nervous you can’t even speak. That’s how Herc feels (I like to think that we are on an abbreviated name status). Want to see if for yourself? Check out this clip that I used for my assignment (which I will explain in a jiff).

So what am I doing for this? The four star Hitch cut assignment of course!! Still need more elaboration? Well the general idea is pretty simple. You show a character’s look, then show what they are looking at, and then cut to their reaction. Then the real fun starts. You change what they saw in the beginning. Changes the whole meaning of the clip, and can sometimes make people look pretty bad (but Hercules never could look bad)!

So what is the opposite of skinny little Meg? Well Hades of course! The villain who turns from ice to fire when he gets mad certainly is different than Meg and all of her feminine wiles. So here was my final result:

Pretty awesome right? I know that it was supposed to only be looks, but I decided to keep Hercules’ stuttering in because it shows his shyness in talking to Meg, but then later can be used to show him being scared of Hades. It’s just interesting to see a hero being afraid of a villain in a Disney movie since usually they always seem so strong. Not so strong anymore, not are you Herc?? However, once I decided to keep the sound in, I decided to keep it in for Hades as well, just to show that there was a conversation going on between the two of them. I had a lot of options to pick from with this clip, but ended up going with the first freak out from this long list of them.

Now I needed some background music!! What kind of movie doesn’t have music?? Exactly. We need music. So of course I went to the songs from Hercules and decided to go with Meg’s song of “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” in which she realizes that she loves Hercules. I listened to the song about 4 times (because who doesn’t love a great singing session) and decided to go with a part in which she says “this scene won’t play” while the beginning of the Hades clip starts. While it’s a small detail that no one would have caught, I thought it was pretty clever myself. :)  I guess Meg is scared of falling in love, Hercules in now scared of Hades, and that’s just how it all panned out once Hitch’s cut was performed.

Once again, I made this in Windows Movie Maker, it was seriously such a headache to work with, but I’ll explain that in my weekly summary. This was pretty easy with just importing the clips and then from there adding the soundtrack, I really used the zoom tool a lot in this case in order to make the cuts more accurate, and I extended Hercules’ first glance in the second session as well (hence the shaking of his head) in order to get the message across. I just used the copy and paste tool in order to do that once I had the section cut off that I was using.


Thanks for reading!

Princess Karissa

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