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Not going to lie, I’m not sure why I decided to tweet that. But it just seemed appropriate. I guess it’s because that’s how I felt when originally working on my radio show with my group and meeting for the first time in person. The group was using twitter in order to find out where we were. It was very confusing. Never being in an online class, it is certainly interesting and completely new for me. It was strange not knowing your classmate’s faces besides a very small picture, but it was cool that I could almost always contact them, they were just a type and a mouse click away.

Twitter was my main form of online participation throughout this semester. And the app of TweetDeck really saved me throughout the whole entire semester. Not to be overly dramatic, but it changed the way that I tweeted. I have no idea what I am going to do next semester or even this summer without all of my columns (I currently have 7 right now). My columns related to ds106 were tweets with #ds106 and the second column was just tweets from @ds106dc (which had all of the daily creates). These both were very helpful for me, and I loved how fast TweetDeck worked. It was certainly strange not only getting my questions answered by people not in the class, but also helping people who weren’t in the class. It really is a community, and you can clearly see that some people are in it #4life.

As for commenting, I was a bit of a slacker as the season got busy. It seemed as though my fellow students were procrastinating with me, and I lost track. However, I did try my best to read as many different blogs as possible. I found myself looking at Kelsie’s blog a lot as well as Cole’s. Cole always seemed to do his work earlier than most people, and his blog posts came up through Twitter, so they were easy to access which is why I ended up looking at a lot of his throughout the semester.

That’s all I got for you right now on the communication front, I guess pulling an all-nighter has me a bit tired and not as talkative as usual.

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