The Student Becomes the Master

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Okay, maybe not a master but still. Teaching is what I like doing, so of course doing tutorials just seemed natural for me. I really enjoy using the Print Screen button on my computer, so tutorials is seriously perfect for me. It’s a shame that I learned about screencasts in my other class after I did mine, or else I probably would have taken it to the next level (but now that it’s the last week of my college career I don’t want to strain myself too much).

The first tutorial that I did was during Visual week with the assignment that called for making a pet do a human thing (using GIMP). This one was a bit strange since I did the tutorial and the write up together, which I guess lays out the thought process that I had while planning, but it is not necessary. However, I was glad I did this project because I forgot how funny this picture was. Who doesn’t love watching a cat do yoga?? Here’s my first tutorial.

Up next was a tutorial that I did the next week in Audacity for creating a musical tag (or a riff-off as I like to call them). This was a very step by step process, but that is always a good thing for people to know. I really like how I used the red circles to point things out because that’s a lot more visual than just showing a button since you may not know where it is (knowing my it’d be hiding under my cursor).

Looking back now, I’m really glad that I tagged them, because the way I found my blog posts were from the tags that I did. Yay for proper tagging!

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