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Bagman for President!

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Bagman for President!

One of my favorite things about ds106 is Bagman. The character created by Brian Short is a bit of a legend among those involved in ds106 and rightly so. When I saw that there was an assignment to help out Bagman’s Presidential Campaign, I jumped on the chance to make a poster for him.

After seeing Cogdog’s tutorial, I got a sense of how to do the work and went upon finding a campaign poster to base my poster on. I chose this JFK poster and imported it into GIMP where I remade it, making each block of color solid before remaking the text using TW Cen.

I cropped and cut Bagman from this photo before resizing him and putting him on the background I made. My cropping is a little rougher than I wanted it to be but I’m still learning GIMP and could not find an edge finder to use so I free-handed my cropping. I chose to keep Bagman in color since I thought that it added to the look of the poster even though the JFK poster I used had the portrait in black and white.

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