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This week, I only got three daily creates done.


The task: Take a photo of someone that is nice and cozy in a blanket.

A Warm Body

She is always under her warm blanket. If someone is in the living room, they are using this blanket.

Warm and cozy for sure!


The task: Represent your fondest memory in a photo, drawing, or design–do it in a nostalgic style.

Roaming Rome

I decided on a moment I had in Rome. I hated it so much because of all the people there, but when I rounded the corner and saw this just sitting randomly in a square of modern shops… I was dumbfounded.

I took this photo into photoshop and made it look old by following these steps here.


The task: Bumper stickers are statements–draw one about ds106 you’d like to see.

OBX Style

I made this quickly, but it’s how I like my bumper stickers to be.

OBX stickers have always been my favorite because they are simple but make a statement that you belong to something that only other people who also belong to it can understand.

Most people won’t understand what this is, but those who do will definitely be honking their horn in understanding.

Can this be minimalistic? I see it as that. Simple but gives a statement.

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