1. Ms. Parker

    It’s all over! Oh noooo

    Digital Storytelling

    Way back in Week 3 of DS106, I wrote about what I thought was digital storytelling in a post titled “This is Meta-hard.

    While most of what I said is rather hum-drum, “yea I know that”–one quote stands out:

    I think that’s what digital storytelling is. …

  2. Ms. Parker

    Alice, Interrupted


    When she was a child, she had followed a little white rabbit wearing a small, colorful coat into his hole and found herself in a world called Wonderland. She had told her family and friends these fanciful dreams for years. But now she was 23, and these imaginary worlds were …

  3. Ms. Parker

    R3M1X 4 N00B5


    Ugh. These past two weeks have been rough.

    I understand what remixing is and how to do it, but I really struggled with having to define it and having to do things that I think are just… normal.

    Isn’t this what we’ve been doing all semester? Remixing pop culture, other …

  4. Ms. Parker



    For Remix week, I looked at a few references on what remixing is. Below is a video of me trying to explain it to my roommate!

    I also looked at a few examples of remixes.

    Buffy vs. Edward

    The first example I looked at was the Buffy vs. Edward

  5. Ms. Parker

    FTW: FTR


    The most challenging assignment of the week: For the Remix!

    I don’t like physical/3D art. Let me just put that out there. I don’t get it. My roommate is in a Studio Art course, and I don’t get anything she does.

    So, that was off the table. I downloaded the …

  6. Ms. Parker

    10-Step Challenge


    For one of the assignments that I submitted for the assignment bank was the 10-Step Photo Challenge.

    I saw this on a site once and thought it was a great idea for an assignment.

    The task:  Take ten steps in any direction and with each step take one photo. …

  7. Ms. Parker

    Popcorn Tutoring


    Tutorial using Popcorn Maker

    1. Find your media!

    I used the DS106 media bin. I looked around for a few minutes and tried to connect pieces. If you’re limited in your media, like I was, I would try looking for the sounds/video clips first since those will usually be …

  8. Ms. Parker

    Evil Twilight – ????


    Another assignment that just… spoke to me: Movie Trailer Mashup.

    Take your favorite movie trailer and mash it up with a different trailer to completely change the meaning of the original trailer. For example, if you have a funny movie trailer, give it the sound of a terrifying movie; …

  9. Ms. Parker

    Video WINNING


    In for the home stretch!

    I was so disappointed with my work these two weeks. Not because of time management, but because I came into these two weeks hoping I could pull out better work from myself in general.

    I felt like a lot of the assignments I had gone …

  10. Ms. Parker

    Playing Foley


    Okay. I’m gonna admit something. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. This assignment was absolutely hilarious! Hearing people’s sounds was awesome. People were incredibly creative and surprised me!

    Here’s my rendition:

    Here are the sound clips I chose to use:

    It took me only a few minutes …

  11. Ms. Parker

    Finding the Foundation


    It’s the first of the video weeks!

    I’ve seriously just been waiting for these weeks. I LOVE working with video. I would also LOVE to learn more about it!

    Now, I wouldn’t say I’m a professional or even a skilled video editor. I do, however, have a lot of experience …

  12. Ms. Parker


    March 28th

    The task: Take a photo of an unexpected object found in the earth (think secret treasure)

    Okay, this was once found in the earth! My roommate is a Geology major, and has this geode. It’s gorgeous! For me, the non-Geology major, it is definitely an “unexpected object”/”secret …

  13. Ms. Parker

    Generating Genres


    This week, I had to find an example video of YouTube genres located on Google Doc that previous students have created.

    I didn’t really understand a few of the genres listed on the Google Doc, especially “Inappropriate for Church, but only Church.” The video which was posted for it is …

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