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R3M1X 4 N00B5

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Ugh. These past two weeks have been rough.

I understand what remixing is and how to do it, but I really struggled with having to define it and having to do things that I think are just… normal.

Isn’t this what we’ve been doing all semester? Remixing pop culture, other people’s photos, other people’s ideas to create something new? This is why I’ve been having problems.

This Week’s Assignments

Investigating Remix — R3M1X

Actor Transformation – ???? – Poor Leo

Movie Trailer Mashup — ???? – Evil Twilight

Remix GeneratorYo’ Momma was a Troll

Recycled MediaThat’s Why We Have Signs

Remix the VacationI used to like popcorn..

For the RemixFTW: FTR

Final Project Idea


I’m incorporating all my thoughts into one big piece.

So, remixing. Like I said before, this week really didn’t clear up what remixing really is. As I talked about in my video, is editing a photo I found on the internet remixing? I call it photoshopping.

I don’t even think there should be a name for either of those, to be honest. I’m taking a course on the Memory of the Civil War, and we’ve discussed a lot about how memory comes into being. Everything comes from somewhere. There are no original ideas. So why do we have to have a name for something we do naturally? Intrinsically, even? Is it because it has become part of the legal system that we need a name for it?


Copyright frustrates me just like the the people in the videos we watched this week. I don’t understand how companies can be so greedy. No, wait. I do understand, but it still doesn’t make logical sense. I think everything educational (such as things for this course) SHOULD be deemed Fair Use. What’s wrong with spreading ideas around? What’s wrong with increasing your fanbase? That’s what I don’t understand. Wouldn’t companies want to increase their fanbase/loyal followers? As long as people aren’t making money off of their inventions/media/whatever, who cares?

That’s where this remix week has left me, though: frustrated.

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