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Alice, Interrupted

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When she was a child, she had followed a little white rabbit wearing a small, colorful coat into his hole and found herself in a world called Wonderland. She had told her family and friends these fanciful dreams for years. But now she was 23, and these imaginary worlds were no longer sitting right with her family. They began to suspect that she was losing her mind or maybe that she had lost her mind already.

Fearing that she would do something to herself in her quest to return to Wonderland once more, her family began to plan for her to be committed to a psychiatric hospital in rural Pennsylvania. She needed to be reconnected with reality.

Alice must have known her family’s plan. She began reaching out on websites to find someone who could help her find her way back to Wonderland and, at the very least, corroborate her story.

This webpage was traced back to Alice’s home computer.

The address is of the Lennox Psychiatric House for the Mentally Ill.

Someone took her up on her request. Once committed, she received a letter from someone whose initials were M.H.


This was found by the hospital staff on Alice’s bed the morning after her mail had arrived.

With the letter, the staff found multiple pictures with a strange continuity of a white rabbit in the background.

Rabbit 1

rabbit 2

rabbit 3

rabbit 4

RAbbit 5

She had left her clothes, her personal items, everything was still in its place.

After reviewing the security cameras from that night, the hospital staff realized that she had followed the directions on the letter and seemingly met “M.H.” outside of the hospital.

This is the last piece of evidence that Alice’s family has of her: a fuzzy tape of her running off with someone in a top hat…

Alice disappeared that night. Neither she nor the man she can be found.

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