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Trailer Mashup Tutorial

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This tutorial is for the Movie Trailer Mashup assignment.

You can see my blog post about my work here.

This is the video that I made using the same steps you can read about below.

Tutorial for Windows Movie Maker

1. Find your trailers! I would suggest finding “opposites.” So if you want to work with a romantic movie, find a horror or super raunchy trailer to contrast. If you want to work with a horror movie, find a comedy trailer.

2. Once you have your YouTube links, use something like PwnYouTubeFastest YouTube Downloader, or KeepVid to download both videos. If your downloader of choice allows you to download just the audio of videos, then that may be a better option when downloading the trailer that you just want the audio from!

3. Open the trailer (“Add videos and photos” button) that you want to use as video in Windows Movie Maker. Once you have it on the timeline, click on “Add Music.”

4. Now, Windows Movie Maker will only show audio files in the popped-up window. If you have a video, though, you need to see .MP4 files, .FLV files, etc, too! So click on the bottom right hand corner that has a dropdown menu that says “Audio and Music.” Click “Audio and Video” or “Video” or “All” to see your video files. Click the file that you want to use as music and hit open!

5. Now that you have both files open (one should be video and below that should be the audio), you can drag and move the audio to line up with the video where you think it should.

6. Watch the clip back a few times and find places that you need to clip. You can do this in the Video Edit tab. Trimming is your friend!

7. Once you have a video you are proud of, you can save it for the web. Hit “File” –> “Save Movie.” Hover over the bottom button with a down arrow. This will scroll through the options you have to save. If you are uploading to YouTube (which I’d assume most people are), you should hit the YouTube settings button. Change the name to what you would like it to be.

8. Then upload it to YouTube! Tada!


Windows Movie Maker makes this very easy to do.

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