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Exploring The Dark Knight

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I did a bit more research on The Dark Knight (2008), the source of the clip in the previous post.

Here are some interesting facts about the production of The Dark Knight from IMDb:

  • The rough voice Christian Bale is known for now was not actually the voice that he had originally used in filming. Christopher Nolan decided to change it to be grittier in post-production. 
  • A new Batman suit was created for The Dark Knight. Instead of the stiff suit seen in Batman Begins, the new suit was built for speed and agility. It was made up of over 200 pieces and had elastic banding to make it as comfortable as possible.
  • Christopher Nolan was present at every scene.

The Dark Knight is obviously an action movie according to AMC’s filmsite.

Action films usually include high energy, big-budget physical stunts and chases, possibly with rescues, battles, fights, escapes, destructive crises (floods, explosions, natural disasters, fires, etc.), non-stop motion, spectacular rhythm and pacing, and adventurous, often two-dimensional ‘good-guy’ heroes (or recently, heroines) battling ‘bad guys’ – all designed for pure audience escapism. Includes the James Bond ‘fantasy’ spy/espionage series, martial arts films, and so-called ‘blaxploitation’ films.

The Dark Knight has so many stunts, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. There are fight scenes, epic battles, showdowns, and suspenseful moments. Of course, we have the “good guys” versus the “bad guys” in a superhero film like this one. The city is made-up, even if it relates to New York City, so this provides even more escapism.

You can see what I’m talking about in this montage of scenes from The Dark Knight:

I created this montage by downloading all the clips via PwnYouTube. I clipped them in MPEG Streamclip and then put them all together in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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