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Alice’s Adventures in an Asylum

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I have been going through all the characters I can think. I’ve been trying to think of stories and challenges I can create for them that would not only lend themselves well to assignments but also be interesting for me to create.

I’ve finally decided on Alice in Wonderland.

I want to continue her story to adulthood. I think creating a narrative of her life after her adventures in Wonderland would be incredibly interesting. Right now, I like the idea that she goes mental–really, everyone thinks she’s psychologically disturbed. Of course, the story is from the 19th century, so they didn’t really have internet yet–or widely available cameras. I want to update it to the 21st century.

Design – Design an Invoice – an invoice and detailed form admitting Alice into a mental hospital

Design Warning – a warning posted outside a rabbit hole after the “Alice” incident

Design Bad Guy Business Cards — a card that Alice brought back from Wonderland as “proof” but no one believes her

Design What’s in your head? – an illustration of Alice’s experiences in Wonderland, done as part of her rehabilitation

Web Storytelling Within the Web – energy drink called “Drink Me;” part of the culture that surrounds the news story of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland

Web What They Might Have Done in Social Media – Alice’s twitter from before, during, and after her adventures in Wonderland

Sound – Sound Effects Story – The sound story of her in the mental hospital (This is what I’m REALLY excited for!)

Visual Stories Written in Windows Media Player – Alice’s playlist, but also a story of her experiences now

Video Kinetic Typography – A line from Alice in Wonderland as she tries to explain what just happened to her to her family

I have added a lot of “extra” assignments because I have SO many ideas. She’s trying to prove her story was true but no one is believing her. It must be so frustrating, and I really think it would be fascinating to explore it in media.

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